Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trees & Beetles & Fuels.... Oh My!

I live in a small subdivision in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota.  Our subdivision, Silver Star I & II, realized in the early part of the decade that we were vulnerable to losing everything to wildfire.  As a result, we have worked very hard to be Firewise  in our way of life.  Silver Star became a nationally recognized Firewise Community in early 2005. 

The Black Hills (along with many other western forests) are currently experiencing a mountain pine beetle outbreak of epic proportions.  As a result, the community of Custer has responded with numerous "Bark Beetle Blues" events throughout the year.

A couple of days ago, I participated in a forum called A Landowner Conversation: Beetles, Fuels, and Forestry that was sponsored by Custer County Conservation District.  As chairman of the Silver Star Firewise Board, the SCD  asked  me to put together a history of our Firewise project along with information on how the beetle outbreak has impacted us.  I put together the following video and have been encouraged  to share it.  I'm really proud of what our neighborhood has accomplished in the last 8 years.  What a small but mighty group!

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  1. Great blog, Helen! I have written about it in our Fire Break blog for NFPA. Love the video!