Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Thinking Rock

Due to the series of snowy spring storms that have kept rolling into the Black Hills over the past two weeks, I've found it hard to write about anything botanical.  So instead, this morning I made a visit to the thinking rock in an effort to find inspiration.

The thinking rock is in our pasture.  My husband dubbed it that when we were in the process of building our house and moving to the Hills from Oregon. He spent many hours there during the construction of our house thinking, worrying, and wondering about the future.

The thinking rock juts out of the lowland sedge pasture and has a small Ponderosa pine growing from a crack in the flat topped, table sized boulder.  The pine tree on the rock is small in size, likely aged, and of course, very wise.

However, the little tree didn't look too happy today, instead it looked sort of forlorn and lonely.

The Thinking Rock

My thought for the day:

I've often heard it stated that, "Trees are our most important (valuable) resource."  I agree with the fact they are important, but in defense of the other botanical resources that feed and clothe us, I can't say that trees are most important.  Anyone who disagrees with me should climb up a tree like a porcupine, and chew on some bark!

Don't you think the tree on the thinking rock looks happier in a more diverse setting?

We have the opportunity to be stewards of such a wide array of botanical resources.  It might not pay to get too wrapped up in identifying one as more important than others. Everything in our world is interconnected, so we should pay due respect to all.

By now you're probably wondering what the purpose of this blog is?  In the future, I plan to feature some really cool plants and habitats, how they interact with the living and breathing creatures on earth, and how each benefits from the other.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you back again soon!

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